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Supply Chain Management

Our philosophy is to help clients ensure that their supply chains meet agreed customer service levels (for each customer segment) at minimum total supply chain cost. Understanding the dynamics of the supply chain, its detailed cost structure, and the impact of changes to the cost/service equation is therefore a key component of the way we work.

Our services include:

  • Definition and implementation of the right supply chain strategy, including answering such questions as:
    • How should the customer base be segmented, and what service levels are appropriate to each
    • What approach should be adopted to serving each of these segments
    • How many storage points should their be in the network, and where should they be located
    • Where should the de-coupling point(s) be in the supply chain
    • How many manufacturing facilities should there be and how should they be organised
  • Creation of a tax-optimised supply chain structure
  • Process improvement to optimise the performance of the logistics, planning and procurement functions
  • 3rd party logistics outsourcing analysis and selection
  • Support to technology enabled improvement programmes