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Developing country and donor projects

We have undertaken many engagements on behalf of clients based in developing countries. A significant number of these were centred on development projects which were in turn funded by aid-focussed organisations such as the World Bank. Some examples of the locations and engagements include:

  • Nigeria
    • Asset revaluation and asset register implementation for the national ports authority – World Bank Funded
    • Creation of new finance and engineering structures and processes for a large Nsukka-based university
  • Liberia
    • Creation of the entire organisation structure, accounting function, legal framework and training requirements for the city of Monrovia, the capital of Liberia – World Bank funded “Monrovia Urban Development Project”
  • Ghana
    • Review of the effectiveness of key World Bank development projects
  • Kenya
    • Numerous assignments for private sector clients to design and implement improved financial accounting and reporting systems
    • Design of modern management reporting techniques for the ministry of agriculture in Nairobi to track the effectiveness of loans to farmers under a World Bank funded scheme
  • Zambia & Zimbabwe
    • Mediation between Zambia and Zimbabwe in connection with charges for shared electricity from the Kariba Hydro Electric plant
  • Sudan
    • Design and implementation of new financial control procedures for the Sudan Development Project – a World Bank funded enterprise based near Juba in Southern Sudan
  • Uganda
    • Review of the effectiveness of loan control processes in the Uganda Development Bank
  • Malawi
    • Financial control improvement projects for a variety of private sector tobacco and coffee plantations
  • Bahrain
    • Revaluation of the asset base of the Bahrain State Electricity Directorate as a pre-requisite for a World Bank loan
  • Pakistan
    • Development of a new organisation structure and reporting procedures for a unit in the Pakistan Ministry of Development, based in Islamabad